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The Muddy Taurus

Nice to meet ya!

Hey, I'm Lauren! I've been working with clay since 2014 - wheel throwing, hand-building, sculpting, you name it I've probably tried it. I graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I use to work as an instructor and Studio Manager at a clay studio in Lowell, Ma! Outside of my obsession with clay, I love to refinish and restore old furniture, I love to go on walks through the woods or at Salisbury beach in Ma. and I LOVE being with friends and family.  Drop me a line if you've got questions about me or my work-but be sure to check out my artist statement in the next tab over!

Why "The Muddy Taurus" ? Great question!

Well when you work with clay you usually get a little dusty and often very muddy. I've always got clay up to my elbows, glaze drips on my shoe and wax resist all over my apron. It's the only time I like to get a little messy, I've often said "it's a sign of hard work"! 

And well, I'm a taurus! It's an astrological sign for some April and most May babies. Tauruses are creatures of comfort, homebodies. We are hardworking, loyal/dependable and often stubborn. 

"So you're a messy stubborn artist?" I guess so! We are represented by a bull in the astrological world and if you know me well, I'm a bit of a klutz. Bull-in-a-china-shop kinda situation. So the bull is not only breaking everything by accident, but she's makin' it too. 

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