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To fulfill the need for a calm and quiet mind, I set out to make peaceful objects. My work often reflects a sense of warmth and comfort when held in the hand or observed from afar. I create work to break the boundary of viewer and object, striving to provide an intimate story and space between vessel and companion. While peaceful, their stories and interactions are immersed in the complexity of relationships. The objects I make are often abstract, yet somewhat figurative, allowing the viewer to augment their own narrative. With the fast paced society we live in, I look to clay to slow me down. I find immense peace in creating. Whether it be at the potter's wheel or handbuilding on my lap, I discover over and over again the distraction of making, the intensity of being preoccupied and entwined in the process of making. This is the place where I call home. 
-Lauren Gagnon

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