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Finding a studio space... at home!

The first step in creating a studio space is to find a space with *potential*. For me, the best place is at home-rent is free (thanks mom). And well, as long as I keep everything condensed and relatively tidy there shouldn't be any issues, right? Well as New Englanders, if you have a garage, you know that can be a life saver in winter. It just so happens the garage is also the best spot for a kiln. So, in turn, my studio space has to be off the ground (for car space when it is needed most! We have a two car garage & it's pretty spacious and can work with that.

The dream:

Onto our second step, if it's applicable-cleaning. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on clearing out old junk in the garage. Throwing away literal trash, condensing car products, gardening things, and other items collected in the garage. The wall my dad and I agreed to dub The Muddy Taurus clay studio, is currently full of bottles (some of which haven't been touched since the early 2000’s when we moved here, sorry to out you dad). Unfortunately we can’t just throw everything away like they seem to do on the home renovation shows-we need a spot for them. I knew cleaning would be the longest part, but it can be pretty exhausting and painful. So, we turn up the music and just work. Along the way I remind myself of the potential and that the hard work will pay off, so keep your chin up if you're working toward a similar goal! For me cleaning consists of creating piles of like items and then reorganizing the items. Discard trash, properly dispose of hazardous waste, and if something doesn’t yet have a home, that is where step three comes in.

Our third step is creating storage solutions. We have a different shelf system in storage that should be able to support the weight of all the work I’ll be storing there, score! I removed the old shelves, brackets and tracks to paint and we'll be installing new ones post painting. I think painting could be potentially optional in other spaces, but since we’re in a garage and well, this hasn't been painted since it was built, it was time for a fresh coat of white. We’re keeping it nice and bright! I did two coats of Kilz (a stain blocking primer) and a top coat of a white in an eggshell finish.

Ah yes, step four *decorating*. Storage solutions will be installed, all brackets sitting on a stud in the wall and my wood shelves from the old unit will be used on the wall here-sanded as of today!

This is when the work pauses, just for a moment though! In an upcoming post, I’ll be sharing how I'll be fitting my large equipment and how I organize everything going into that space, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, thanks for reading and let's get muddy!

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