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Welcome to The Muddy Taurus Logs!

Hi! My name is Lauren and I have an obsession with clay. I have been working with clay for about seven consecutive years (since 2014), and let me tell you it is the most amazing and heartbreaking medium I have ever encountered-it’s awesome.

I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design (aka Massart) back in 2019 with my Bachelors in Fine Arts, Ceramics and was working in a pottery studio as an instructor and manager until quite recently! I am currently awaiting to begin my Masters (in Art Education) program through Fitchburg State University and well, I want to start my own business; but like, seriously this time. Although there are thousands of wonderful artists, makers, creators, etc. on Etsy, I never truly thought of my Etsy account as “a business”. Hence, the website, hence the shop page and hence, how you may be finding me here.

So, to recap, I’m obsessed with clay, have no access to a kiln currently, I’m a grad student, and oh yeah I’m poor as sh*t. And surprise, surprise pottery is not a cheap career to pursue. Clay is literally ~dirt cheap~ (ba-dum tiss) but everything else, OH LORD. A new kiln could be upwards of $2,000. And if it’s used, you could be looking at a $500+ repair job. Glaze material, tools, A WHEEL, hiring an electrician to hook up your kiln, the list goes on. I’m here to find budget solutions, while maintaining a safe, practical and sustainable practice.

And then there’s me, standing on the edge of a cliff ready to take a dive into the world of making and selling pottery and I pray to God above, that my parachute is in working order. Welcome to The Muddy Taurus logs, let’s get muddy.

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