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Once your cleaner begins work, it may take a few visits for you to find a rapport. Some homeowners aren’t sure if they should talk to their cleaner or stay out of the room they’re cleaning, and it’s usual to feel a little awkward the first : time a stranger starts picking up after you in your own home. Remember your cleaner is the expert, so ask them if you’re , not sure what to expect during a cleaning. Enhanced Disinfection Services PRO TIP: Time yourself as you clean so you can see how long it takes, then think about ways to make sure you can hit this time limit with every job. If you don’t have any clients yet, clean your own home or a friend’s. Whether you need a house, apartment or townhome cleaned, our initial and one-time cleanings are tailored to your specific needs. In addition, your first cleaning appointment includes an added emphasis on the big three: your kitchen, bathrooms, and floors.same day carpet cleaningAdding carpet protector is a great way to preserve the results of every carpet cleaning, but we especially recommend it to those with kids and pets. We clean carpets using the hot water extraction method steam cleaning 8211 widely recommended by industry , experts as the most efficient and thorough carpet , cleaning method. Even NCCA 8211 the industry leading organization, as well as most carpet manufacturers, recommend this particular method. The process relies on the power of extremely hot water mixed with high-quality cleaning solutions. Here at Safe-Dry, we use a carbonated, low-moisture cleaning solution that can dry as we are cleaning. We regulate how much fluid we put into the carpet which allows us to lift the dirt and eradicate the liquid at the same time. Evaluated by EPA scientists, our carpet upholstery cleaning solutions are EPA Safer Choice certified – meaning we use neutral ingredients that don’t contain harsh chemicals. This is especially helpful for anyone with asthma or allergies. We're even data-backed to remove on average 94% of allergens from carpet, 96% of allergens from hardwood, and 96.5% of allergens from tile and grout. For cleaner, healthier living, we got everyone covered - your family, pets, and all other guests in between.window cleaning and gutter cleaning near meWe can setup an automatic schedule for your cleaning needs so that you don't have to worry about scheduling. Window cleaner can be purchased at most stores, but it often contains chemicals that can be harmful if inhaled or come into contact with skin. Vinegar is , a natural cleaner that is safe for humans and pets, and its inexpensive to make your own solution. Nothing says clean like crystal clear windows. Our window washing service is a great way to give your home that just-cleaned feel and bring some of the outdors inside. You can also set a seasonal schedule for ongoing maintenance. That way you don’t have to remember to schedule service. We’ll remind you! We’ll work with you to customize a plan based on your budget and cleaning preferences. All you have to do is enjoy the clean! """"""""

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